How to win be with roulette bonus

After some time, you might be winning and your bankroll is growing. But be vigilant to hold on to it. Take that luck

and take it slow – the odds are it will go as roulette quickly as it came if you are not careful. The long-term odds are not stacked in your favor.

Table of contents

  • 1) Choose Your Table Wisely:
  • 2) Beginner’s Luck:

1) Choose Your Table Wisely:

Choose Your Table Remember, there is a big difference between the American roulette table and the European table. The European table odds are increased by almost 3% points. The European table has a zero slot, but the American table has the zero and a double zero. 

Choose the table where you have the best odds of winning. You can always bet the zero or the double zero, and the odds are 35:1. That’s not bad, but the likelihood of winning either is pretty slim. There are 37 numbers roulette on the European wheel and 38 on the American. 

2) Beginner’s Luck:

Beginner’s LuckNever let people at the roulette table convince you that you are guaranteed to have beginner’s luck. This is simply not true. The luck you believe you have is perception. How is this so? Well, if you are a beginner, you already have a heightened sense of awe. 

The reality is that the odds are 35:1, so even when a number wins the house does too. In the end, always choose the European wheel when possible. Every number counts.

You are emotionally connected. That is exactly what casinos want you to be. You choose your first column and you win. Now roulette the rush of the 2 to 1 win has you going in for more. You feel lucky. 

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