How to play roulette bets

click, click of the glamorous wheel. Many new visitors to casinos rush to the Roulette wheel in order to feel a part of the casino rush. 

The most complex thing about Roulette is the variety of bets that you will have the option of wagering on. So whether you are vying for the big win with big odds or playing it slow, smooth, 

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  • Roulette Bets – Taking the Little Wheel out for a Big Spin

Roulette Bets – Taking the Little Wheel out for a Big Spin

  • American Wheel
  • American wheel
  • French Wheel
  • French wheel
  • Column Bets

Roulette Bets Gamblers all around Roulette the world have come to love and know the all too familiar Roulette table, and the click, 

It is a simple game of chance that will quickly have you squealing with delight, not to mention chasing after your number.

The zero or double zero are across the top and are in green. The alternation between the colors red and black for each number are coordinated with the Roulette wheel layout.

Whether you are playing on an American wheel or a French wheel, you will see that the numbers 1 to 36 are set up in columns of 12 numbers each, and alternate between red and black. 

and cool with lower odds of many outcomes, the more you know, the better your odds overall. Let’s explore some of the Roulette player’s options:

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